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Warrior Cause of Death Released, Marty Jannetty A Father, New Hercules Trailer

Ultimate Warrior Died of Heart Disease

TMZ have quotes from the medical examiner who conducted Ultimate Warrior’s autopsy, confirming that he died of a heart attack. This was brought on by “Atherosclerotic/Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease”, or heart disease as it’s more commonly known.

Officials said there were no drgus or alcohol in his system, so Nancy Grace’s “swirling accusations” were nothing but her own creation.

However it is logical to speculate that past steroid abuse may have been a contributing factor to the overall health of his heart.

Marty Jannetty Discovers He Has A Daughter

Former wrestling star Marty Jannetty wrote on Facebook that he recently discovered he’s a father:

HAPPIEST, HAPPIEST GUY LIVING RIGHT NOW……wish I was there to watch her grow up but, so happy to be given this gift now!!! and from here on, Im gonna be a different person than have been… will be the best daddy ever..or at least the best one I can be!!!

Im the happiest guy on this planet right now…now I get all the boys who have told me how its life changing when you have a kid…man..had no kids so I didnt get it…now I do…thats my girl…and guys, dont you dare look at her twice,,,bad ankles and all I will make sure you never look at my daughter like that again!!!!!!!!!!!..Love ya Bianca!! hey, we didnt get the choice….but now we do have that….and..I LOVE YOU!!!..hope you will accept me///I will change soooo much now, I will never embarrass you!!!!!!!!!

Another The Rock Hercules Trailer Released

Here is another Hercules trailer, which premiered at the MTV Movie Awards:

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