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Wanderlei Silva To WWE Update, Triple H Lies About Punk? New Stable Name, Charlotte Interview

Wanderlei Silva Says WWE Made Offer

MMA star Wanderlei Silva claimed that WWE did indeed make him an offer. Whether Chael Sonnen is actually involved is another matter:

“I received a great proposal of WWE and now I’m wondering what you think of the idea,” wrote Silva on Facebook.

The 38 year old was banned from UFC for refusal to take drug tests.

It seems pretty late in the game for him to become a pro wrestler, but perhaps they want to use him for some kind of storyline or Brock Lesnar video package?

I’m not entirely convinced his name is a big deal to wrestling fans however, and doesn’t he bring some unneeded negative baggage? “Oh look the drug taker is going to WWE where they’re all on roids.”

When Triple H Buried Punk

Numerous people associated with the business rolled their eyes at Triple H’s claim that he had no heat with CM Punk, during the Steve Austin podcast. Former creative member Court Bauer shared a story on his MLW Podcast where Triple H and Shawn Michaels verbally buried Punk during his WWE tryout.

One time, Triple H along with HBK buried CM Punk. I think it was his 2005 tryout. Maybe he didn’t know the name, and wasn’t familiar with who it was but they buried him. They annihilated his look and his work and I’m like ‘you just sunk the guy in front of the Chairman! They were shredding this poor guy.

Maybe Hunter forgot the incident, but you have to believe Punk took it personally. That’s heat.

The Brass Ring Club?

Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Adam Rose have taken to calling themselves The Brass Ring Club and even have t-shirts made for the stable. There’s no word on if WWE will officially run with the idea however.

Charlotte On Becoming A Wrestler

NXT Diva Charlotte discussed getting in to wrestling in an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated:

Honestly, I grew up always playing sports I never in a million years thought that I was going to be a WWE/NXT Diva. I was in Miami when the Four Horsemen were inducted—it was me, my little brother Reid and my dad. We were sitting with Johnny Laurinaitis at dinner and they were just kind of talking and joking like, ‘You know, Ashley, you should really give it a go’ and at that point I was just personal training in Charlotte and my little brother was an aspiring wrestler… and he was pretty much my motivation. I wanted to do it with him and I was like, ‘Sure, why not?’ But of course, my dad had a huge pep talk with me and he said, ‘Listen… if you’re going to do this, you have to put your whole heart into it. Don’t just go down there because this is one huge opportunity and… it’s not easy. You need to get mentally tough and you have to put everything into it—as much as volleyball, gymnastics, cheerleading—into it to wrestling (in) FCW [now NXT]’.

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