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Waltman Chimes In On Piper/Nash Dispute, Highest Rated RAW Segment? New WWE Book

Sean Waltman Sides With Kevin Nash

Sean Waltman has backed up Kevin Nash’s side of the backstage WCW incident between Nash and Roddy Piper. Hotrod claimed on his podcast that he took down Nash and threw him out of the locker room. Waltman wrote on Twitter:

On the life of my children Roddy is bold face lying & I hate to say that,because I love Roddy. you [Nash] kicked the door in and everyone s–t. Flair was more concerned about it not having to do with him.

the Bodyguad tried to get between you. You said something to him and he stepped aside. Then you proceeded to open hand slap Roddy, because he was out of place and went into business for himself, causing you to re injure your knee. I remember one second you were in the locker room pissed. V-sit Wrestling Inc-The next sec me causing you to re injure your knee in all that cluster F–k. I’ll give him credit for a nice leg sweep that came up a it short. He called you a liar over your description of the incident. No one wanted a piece.

way to back up your wing man Naitch;) there were only 3 of us. We were outnumbered if you count the bodyguard. I just heard the podcast and it was an out and out lie. Can’t believe from Roddy. Hopefully it’s a memory issue and not pride. I know Kev’s hot still, but let it go Big D. He knows what happened and that’s the real of it.

…And Kev let that go yrs ago. Brought Roddy and his son to our tour of Aruba. We had a great time. Whatever need Roddy has to perpetuate his image as one though SOB is not going to be tarnished by that incident. Your still Rough Roddy.

Roddy Piper has since accepted Nash’s request to come on the Podcast, but from Nash’s comments it probably won’t happen:

Set it up. Follow me we’ll exchange numbers. There’s a whole lot more for you to worry about on Twitter than bad LANGUAGE.. Don’t degrade your status with stories of you ever standing up to me. Your the coward. Saw it in you eyes when I smacked you.

Rock This Is Your Life Wasn’t Highest Rated WWE Segment

While browsing Reddit I came across this interesting tid-bit from the July 31, 2012, Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggesting the highest rated segment in RAW history wasn’t The Rock’s This Your Life, but a June 28, 1999, main event between Steve Austin and The Undertaker:

A match where Steve Austin won the WWF title from The Undertaker in Charlotte drew the largest rating and audience to ever witness a pro wrestling match or for that matter, any pro wrestling segment, ever on U.S. cable television. The match did a 9.5 rating, which was 10.72 million viewers. Perhaps the most impressive is that one out of every six television sets in the U.S. that had cable that was on during that time was watching that match. Because for more than a decade, Vince Russo has made it a talking point to say how the “The Is Your Life: Rock,” segment was the highest rated segment in history (it did an 8.4 quarter), to show how skits outdraw matches, it’s become a talking point how that was the highest rated segment in Raw history. Actually there were a handful of different quarter hours that beat that total, including most of the second hour of the May 10, 1999 show.

Here’s the full match:

WWE Releasing Wrestlemania History Book

WWE are releasing a “30 Years of WrestleMania” book by Brian Shields, on September 14th.

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    Wait…a Russo quote turns out to be fabricated Bull-****. Huh, imagine…

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