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Wade Barrett Back In US, Orton Shoots On Austrian Airlines

Wade Barrett Gets His Work Visa

It would appear Wade Barrett has finally got his new work visa as he noted on Twitter that he was on the flight back to the United States after the recent European tour.

Hungry Flight Back To US

Randy Orton angrySpeaking of the flight back to the US several WWE stars revealed on Twitter that it was nightmare. After 10 hours from Austria, where there wasn’t enough in-flight food to feed the wrestlers, their fights were diverted from Chicago to Detroit because of the weather. Barrett wrote on Twitter:

“It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong on this flight back from Europe. Tornado diversion. Only in America.”

A hungry Randy Orton wrote:
“Mental note. Don’t EVER fly on Austrian Airlines again.”

In his latest blog Jim Ross shed some light on the grueling WWE schedule:

“Long and grueling trip for WWE talents who have been throughout Europe the past couple of weeks and change. Considering WWE handles all the travel, provides plenty of food, as in every meal, and lodges their talents at excellent hotels, it makes the trip easier but it can never be made to be like a relaxing vacation. It’s a business trip. A series of one night stands, 17 of them for example, is never going to be easy. The travel arrangements and accommodations are better than they’ve ever been but again how do you make 17, one night stands easy? You don’t.

However, it does make the trip better if talents discipline themselves to get ample rest and don’t over imbibe on alcoholic beverages.”

I guess JR didn’t get the memo from Orton about the food.

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