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Where Was Viscera’s Tribute? Says Holly, Eva Marie Medical Problem, Wrestlemania Book Cover

Bob Holly Talks Warrior’s Tribute and Undertaker’s Streak

In an interview with his autobiography co-author Ross Williams, Hardcore Holly said WWE did the right thing by Warrior, but pondered why others haven’t had the same treatment:

It’s great to see WWE do a tribute to Warrior but I question why they only do that for certain people? Only people who’ve made that company tons of money. It’s like, in other words, his life is more valuable than a mid carder’s life.

What pisses me off is that these guys that don’t get acknowledged when they pass, they sacrifice for that company, they sacrifice their body, they sacrifice their family, they sacrifice so much to work with WWE and for WWE to not acknowledge people but acknowledge Warrior, that’s a travesty to me. It’s wrong. They’re saying Warrior is more important than Viscera. Every human life is just as important as the other. What makes Warrior’s life more valuable than Viscera?

What they did for Warrior, they should do that for everybody that worked for the company and made sacrifices.

Hardcore Holly Viscera

Holly also discussed the ending of Undertaker’s streak:

I think it was the right move with the wrong guy. Brock is a part time guy who wrestles what? Three times a year? They could have used that slot to make somebody who is full time. I think people would have accepted that more and wouldn’t have been in as much shock if it had been somebody else.

I think it would have been good to have Roman Reigns go over on Taker. I think they’re moulding their next big star there and it would have been perfect to have him work with Taker instead of Brock. That would have made Roman Reigns. Right into main event status. That would have made him and once he beat Taker, his next thing should have been Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan or John Cena. Go after one of those three.

Eva Marie Had Ovarian Cyst

In was revealed on last night’s Total Divas that Eva Marie was suffering from an Ovarian Cyst that burst, back in January.

It was known she had some kind of medical problem at the time, but nobody knew what it was until now.

30 Years Of Wrestlemania Book Cover

Here is the cover for WWE’s upcoming 30 Years of Wrestlemania book, by Brian Shields.

WWE 30 Years of Wrestlemania

Celebrate 30 Years of WrestleMania with this comprehensive look back at the biggest annual event in sports-entertainment! 30 Years of WrestleMania provides in-depth coverage of WWE’s WrestleMania from its inception to the current day. Relive each exciting match with detailed information, exclusive interviews, never-before-seen shots, and much more!

The book is out in September.

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