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Viscera – Big Daddy V Passes Away

Former WWE star Nelson Frazier Jr – best known by his ring names Big Daddy V, Viscera and Mabel, has passed away only a few days after his 43rd birthday.

The one time King of The Ring winner is believed to have suffered a heart attack. His agent announced on Facebook yesterday evening:

Nelson Frazier/Big V has died.This really hurts!He was one of the good guys, and was always a great mentor and supportive. I Love U BigV RIP.

Nelson started out in Memphis before being brought up to the WWF in 1993 as Mabel, with his partner Mo and manager Oscar. Men on a Mission, were introduced to the audience through vignettes portraying them as three African American men trying to make a positive change in inner city neighborhoods.

After a tag title run, in 1995 Mabel and Mo turned on their rapping manager and Mabel became a monster heel. He won the 1995 King of the Ring, and despite his massive size would use a traditional King entrance, where lackeys would carry him on a throne.

viscera wwe deadHis heel run culminated in a losing effort against the Undertaker in a Casket match at In Your House 5.

As 1996 rolled around Mabel was released, and he spent two years on the independents, before being brought back for brief appearances in 1998. As the Ministry of Darkness formed in 1999 he was renamed Viscera and began to wear evil looking contacts and leather jackets.

He was mainly utilized as a lackey for the Undertaker, and would wrestle on the lower card. He would team with Mideon and also had a short run in the 24/7 Hardcore Division.

Viscera was again released in August 2000, and wouldn’t be seen nationally until 2003 when he turned up as Ron Killings’ partner Nelson Knight in TNA.

His final WWE run came from 2004 to 2008. He was originally brought back to reprise the gothic viscera character with Gangrel, in an storyline between the Undertaker and JBL. Yet after the short angle we saw a softer side, as he began to court the Divas. His gimmick became “The World’s Largest Love Machine”, and he had a notable on air relationship with ring announcer Lilian Garcia, who eventually proposed to him.

Shockingly he turned her down and went with Godfather’s “Hos” instead, before forming a team with Val Venis.

Viscera’s final run came with the revamped ECW brand in 2007. He became mean Big Daddy V, the hired muscle for Matt Striker. The gimmick only lasted about a year as he was released because the company were concerned about his weight.

He was one of the largest men in pro wrestling, his main selling point, however it seems the negative health consequences have caught up with him.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

WWE made the following statement:

WWE is saddened by the news that Nelson Frazier Jr., aka Big Daddy V and Mabel, has passed away. A larger-than-life Superstar, Frazier was a former World Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion and the 1995 King of the Ring.

As the dark, formidable Viscera, he was also a member of Undertaker’s faction, The Ministry of Darkness. Frazier’s colorful personality made him a memorable competitor throughout the Attitude Era.

Wrestling Stars Remember Viscera

The wrestling world has taken to social media to remember their friend Big Daddy V …

Former partner Sir Mo:
“While I appreciate family, friends and the great fans who have kindheartedly been willing to help with Nelson`s farewell, I also find it a sad shame that I`m receiving phone calls and emails from various people who say they wanna help and contribute,but only in a manner that will benefit them afterwards. Listen here ladies and gentleman, I love my brother dearly regardless of what others may say or think. I am in no way interested in your money for my own personal gains nor is Cassandra Frazier, with that being said Nelson`s ring attire nor any other of his personal property is for sale. By gods grace and mercy push come to shove I will lay my brother to rest in a respectable manner conducive to the person he was when he lived amongst us. Anyone who is serious about donating to help Cassandra Frazier out, can contact me personally by phone at 828-319-5779 or inbox me, and I will give you the information needed in regards of where you can send personal donations, to include cards letters etc. Thanks and God Bless all of you who Loved my brother Nelson, Long Live King Mabel!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mick Foley:
“A nice man, with a big heart and a great look – who left not only a unique legacy in the world of sports entertainment, but a unique mark on my own career, and an indelible memory in the minds of my children.”

Kevin Nash:
“RIP Nelson you were a friend.”

Justin Roberts:
“Loved riding with & hanging out w of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. RIP”

Curt Hawkins:
“RIP Big Daddy V. He was always so friendly to @ZackRyder & I when we first started on the full time @wwe roster. I’ll never forget that.”

Rob Van Dam:
“R.I.P. to another brother I’ll miss. Nelson Frazier- Viscera-Big Daddy V Your life was too short.”

Jillian Hall:
“Rip Visceras! I grew up watching men on a mission! God blesss!!! May all prayers and positivity be with you!”

Chavo Guerrero:
“I’m very sad,heard that my friend Big Daddy V passed away. “Smooth” u will always be remembered.1of the good guys! Another Brother gone.”

Matt Hardy:
“Just heard about the sad passing of “Mabel”/”Big Daddy V” Nelson Frazier. Great, cool guy. My thoughts & prayers go out to him & his family. Remember it like it was yesterday-As myself, Jeff, Joey Abs, & Cham Pain carried King Mabel to the ring on his throne. It was back-breaking!”

Todd Grisham:
“Terrible news. One of my favorite @wwe Superstars Nelson Frazier (aka Big DaddyV, Viscera) Dead of a heart attac.k RIP My Good Friend. On Sat. I was watching Memphis basketball game, thought of Viscera who lives there.Almost called him to catch up. I’ll forever wished I had.”

Chris Masters:
“Nelson Frazier/Big V has died.This really hurts!He was one of the good guys, and was always a great mentor and supportive. I Love U BigV RIP. Nelson was the most genuine guy I’ve met since entering this crazy business. I cant even do anything, everthings on Hault”

“As I hear of the passing of my friend Nelson Frazier aka Viscera/Mabel/Big Daddy V, I’m seeing a montage of really good times. My Man, RIP! Me & Vis used to chill hard. All over the world or across the country. He was my dude! So many great times. Just hit him up not long ago… I’m going to put one in the air for my fallen colleague Big Vis. This s–t always sucks but some suck more than others. Good night.”

Shelton Benjamin:
“Just found out & crushed by the passing of Big Daddy V/Vicera R.I.P. my friend.”

Lisa Marie Varon:
“The biggest heart in the business. RIP My Friend”

Ric Flair:
“Sad to hear of the passing of Viscera. He was a good man, a huge character, and always fun to watch in the ring. He will be missed.”

Chris Jericho:
“Sad to hear about the passing of Big Vis Nelson Frazier. One of the nicest guys in the biz. Always had a smile and a cool vibe. RIP brother”

“Really sad news about Viscera/King Mabel. Spent a lot of time around Viscera and enjoyed having him as a friend. RIP.”

Hacksaw Jim Duggan:
“God Bless by friend Big Viscera. At first I was worried about working with him but he was great to wrestle!”

Ashley Massaro:
“Sad to hear about the news of Big Daddy V- I feel like every time I turn around someone else is gone:( so is life I guess still sad.”

Ted DiBiase Sr:
“My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Big Viscera today. Big guy, big heart, and a great sense of humor. He will be missed.”

“Very sad to hear of the passing of Nelson Frazier (Viscera). A really great guy..RIP brother. #Mabel #Viscera #BigDaddy”

Lilian Garcia:
“Saddened 2 hear news that Nelson Frazier aka Viscera passed away yest. I will always cherish our time working together. Grt Man! #RIP”

Todd Grishma:
“The last text message I got from my friend Viscera ‘Luv ya Tee Geezy!! Don’t loose touch brother, I always considered you a special guy!'”

Howard Finkel:
“I’m saddened by the news of the passing of Nelson Frazier. Big Daddy V was a genuine human being and an all around good guy. RIP my friend.”

Sean Waltman:
“I’m so sad to hear of Nelson Frazier’s passing. I personally really like Nelson & I enjoyed making good, believable matches w him.RIP friend”

Gene Snitsky:
“RIP #NelsonFrazier lost another great friend… Such sad news, so many good memories i will miss you buddy! Cya on the other side big man!!”

Christopher Daniels:
“I may need @brydertna or @JeremyBorash to confirm, but it’s possible I took every bump Viscera ever gave in a TNA ring. My pleasure, sir!”

Steve Corino:
“Very sad to wake up and read about Big Daddy V passing. @QueenCorino & I had a great time with him in Canada in 2012. A teddy bear of a guy.”

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    R.I.P very entertaining wrestler in my view.

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