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Vince and Triple H Get Pay Rise, DeMott Responds To Some Allegations, Melina Denies Batista Rumor

Pay Rises and Performance Bonuses for WWE Execs

It’s a good day for WWE’s top executives as the company have announced several pay rises and performance bonuses. Vince McMahon, Triple H, Kevin Dunn, George Barrios and Michael Luisi have all seen their base salary increase. Vince is now making $1.25 million per year, while Triple H gets $577,500, on top of his in-ring contract.

DeMott Denies Racism

Former WWE trainer bill DeMott who recently stepped down over misconduct allegations, has taken to Twitter to respond to some of his critics.

He also suggested the infamous nude “stink face” incident was not his responsibility and he never forced anybody to do it.

DeMott would have signed a confidentiality agreement when he left WWE so he doesn’t incriminate himself and open the company up to lawsuits. Because of that he’s not likely to go in to many details nor accept interviews.

WWE’s official stance is they investigated the claims and found no evidence.

Melina Never Slept With Batista?

Former WWE Diva Melina was the latest guest of JR’s Ross Report podcast. She addressed the long running rumor that she cheated on John Morrison with Batista, saying there was no truth to it. She said there was a lot of bullying backstage by the other Divas, and Batista used to stick up for her. Because of that their friendship snowballed in to rumors of a sexual relationship, which she denies.

Melina revealed that it was the false rumors that ultimately did cause her to split from Morrison because they just couldn’t get past them.

Melina hit headlines last year when one of her personal photos was leaked as part of the “fappening” celebrity phone hacks.

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