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Vince Russo Addicted To Chocolate Milk, Michael Hayes In HOF? Otunga Is Back, DDP Yoga Center

Vince Russo Needs His Yoo Hoo Fix

In an interesting interview with In Your Head Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries discussed some of the hassle he has to deal with when setting up shoot interviews. He said Vince Russo requested that he stocked up on a chocolate milk drink. “Vince Russo needs his Yoo Hoo, so there has to be Yoo Hoo on hand.”

Honky Tonk Man wanted a very specific vodka and it was very hard to find. It was Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka and when we were just starting out, we thought it was very important to find this to prove that we are the production company that caters to the stars the best. So we had to go to the ends of the Earth to find Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka. I don’t think they make that any more. Vince Russo needs his Yoo Hoo, so there has to be Yoo Hoo on hand. Larry Zbyszko didn’t request anything other than Pepsi but he did call me a week before the show and tell me that his teeth were falling out and that he needed me to help cover a dentist bill so that he could be on the show with teeth. That was a pleasure… These workers will go to no end to get that up-front money. Think of the brilliance behind this: ‘I won’t have teeth for your f—king show!’ That’s brilliant!

Speaking of Russo, he was recently over in the UK for an interview with WrestleTalkTV:

JBL Endorses Michael Hayes

During the Steve Austin podcast with Triple H, the topic of Michael Hayes being inducted in to the Hall of Fame came up. Next year’s Wrestlemania is in Dallas, which is perfect for the former Freebird.

JBL endorsed the idea on Twitter:

David Otunga On WWE Network

David Otunga popped up on the WWE Network RAW pre-show yesterday evening, and seemed to replace Alex Riley. Judging from his Twitter account Riley is pushing for a return to the ring, so maybe he was granted it and Otunga is taking over his duties.

As for why Otunga hasn’t wrestled in forever, that’s still a mystery. He remains under WWE contract.

DDP Closer To Opening Yoga Center

DDP is getting closer to opening his Yoga “Performance Center” in Atlanta, Georgia. The $2 million facility will be fully equipped to broadcast TV quality sessions over the internet, and he and a team of instructors will be teaching private and open classes.

Former wrestling star Stevie Richards is one of his certified trainers.

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