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Vince Praises NXT, Ric Flair’s Next WWE TV Appearance, WWE Removes Punk Merch

Vince McMahon Praises Takeover 2

In a rare Tweet Vince McMahon praised NXT Takeover 2:

Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze are all booked again for next week’s RAW, as well as SmackDown.

It seems WWE are continuing the cross-promotion, but one has to wonder what the parameters will be going forward. Is NXT no longer developmental? Do debuts no longer matter? What are main roster jobbers?

Ric Flair Booked For SmackDown

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is booked for next week’s SmackDown as the special referee for an Orton vs Reigns dark match main event. He’ll likely appear on TV as well.

WWE Pulls CM Punk Merchandise

After slashing the price of all of CM Punk’s merchandise WWE have completely pulled it from the online store. As previously reported Punk sent the company a lengthy legal letter warning them to stop using his likeness and to pay him due royalties. I guess if they don’t sell anything then there’s no royalties to pay.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    As much I as love watching the next in the main roster matches, you make good points, mate. It can take some power away from the actual debuts, if they don’t change anything really from the characters.

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