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Vince McMahon Thanks Daniel Bryan, JR Discusses Nancy Grace, Hulk In The UK

Vince McMahon Sends Personal Tweet To Daniel Bryan

In a rare Tweet Vince McMahon thanked Daniel Bryan for Wrestlemania. McMahon couldn’t watch the main event live because he went to the hospital with Undertaker:

Jim Ross Discusses Nancy Grace Debacle

As #CancelNancyGrace trends on Twitter, Jim Ross has chimed in with his thoughts on

The polarizing Nancy Grace of HLN really was made to look ill informed and poorly prepared by her staff Wednesday night on her report of the death of the Ultimate Warrior. So much erroneous info was reported as fact that I actually felt bad for her. I’d like to believe that Ms Grace is not a mean person but she let down by her producers and research people notwithstanding those who wrote her script for her teleprompter.
For Ms Grace to implicate Owen Hart into any drug or steroid scandal is egregious and appalling…

Ms Grace was made to look incompetent by her own people who seemingly relied on old info for the thrust of their story on Warrior and apparently did little new research on the sports entertainment world as it exists today.

Speaking of Warrior, Bret Hart shared more of his thoughts on Twitter yesterday:

Hulk Hogan Booked For UK Tapings

Hulk Hogan is confirmed for the UK WWE Smackdown taping on May 20th, from the O2 arena, in London.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    You know you’ve had a great career, when the owner of a company this big comes with you when you get injured during the biggest show of the year. That blows my mind, that is great :)

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