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Vince McMahon Himself Teases Sting In WWE Ring

Vince McMahon barely ever Tweets and when he does you better take notice. Yesterday evening he teased that we may see Sting in a WWE ring:

It’s safe to say that if WWE weren’t prepared to bring him in, Triple H and Vince would not be teasing as such. It’s not “best for business” to get the fans hopes up.

In a recent interview with Sting was asked if he’ll appear on screen and replied:

“I’ll just say that I’m all in and very willing to participate. Believe me.”

While people keep ragging on the Wrestling Observer, there’s nothing inconsistent with what they’ve been reporting. A deal is on the table, at one point it was thought he signed it, but it’s being held off for whatever reason, though it likely WILL happen.

It’s just a waiting game and the company are slowly building it up very effectively. For all we know he could have already signed and it’s under wraps.

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