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Videos: Sting’s First WWE Appearance

Sting Appears At Comic Con For WWE

If you’d have said a few years ago that we’d see Paul Heyman, Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, and Sting under WWE’s banner, I’d have thought you were crazy. Well that’s what the San Diego Comic Con got today.

The appearance was a joint WWE/Mattel action figure deal, and a new figure for Sting was revealed.

Judging from the fact that he’s got a DVD in the works, T-Shirts on WWE Shop, and now a figure, he’s either signed a Legend’s Contract or at least a licensing agreement.

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  • Greg Giggie

    too bad it didn’t happen 10-15 years ago, but for me it’ll still be a crazy Raw moment when he shows up, throwback to Monday Night Wars, like when Bischoff debuted…

    • ReallyPeople?

      maybe this would be enough to pull austin back for his 1 match he has left in him. A true monday night war battle between the flagbearers for both brands. HIGHLY unlikely, but that would sell sell sell…. Otherwise, who else? Taker looked like he was going to die against Lesnar, so he HAS to be done. Rock is not a good fit. Cena might work. If they have enough faith in him, Bray Wyatt and a whole mind games thing would work. HHH would be boring. Same with Orton. Bryan has no real reason or appeal. Lesnar has little to no appeal aside from the new “conquer” thing…. Really, it comes down to Austin, Wyatt, or Lesnar. and I am not sure sting would go for any of that for his one off outside of Austin.

      • ross wright

        Have a thought… about three way Hogan Austin Sting… Build the drama review their careers let them go at it… Winner for all involved . Thought one fall or two. If two falls 2nd fall has 2 wrestlers left ideally Austin and Sting since they are younger and in better shape. Build hype with certain wrestlers backing one of the three… Then them arguing over who the winner would be… Contract signing with all 3 coming to the ring..some shoving and minor fighting then set the match would be a great draw

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