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Video: Fans Invade Ring At SmackDown, Jey Uso Injury, Luther Reigns Drug Issues, Heenan Has Surgery

Fans Do Rock Bottom During SmackDown

A group of fans managed to jump the rail and perform a Rock Bottom in the ring, during yesterday’s SmackDown taping at the O2 Arena in London, England. It will be interesting to see how they edit it out, since it was right in the middle of the main event. You can check out the video below, which sees the referee and security struggling to drag them out, while the wrestlers look on from the apron. Back in the day they probably would have delivered some shots themselves.

No word yet if any charges have been filed.

Uso Out For 6 Months

Jey Uso will be out for up to 6 months following shoulder surgery:

Luther Reigns In Documentary

Former WWE stars Luther Reigns and Sakoda are featured in a new documentary called “Prescription Thugs,” about prescription drug abuse among society and athletes. Filmmaker Chris Bell and brother Mark (of Bigger Faster Stronger) were on Steve Austin’s podcast this week, and discussed Luther Reign’s drug issues. Chris explained that at one point Reigns was taking 90 pills per day including erection pills just to get out of bed in the morning!

Interestingly Reigns and Sakoda are both suing WWE over concussion damage and at least partly blame their addictions on being banged up from the ring.

WWE offer free rehab to all former contracted talent.

WWE Legend Has Surgery

Mean gene revealed on Twitter that Bobby Heenan recently underwent surgery:

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