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Usos Nearly Fight Fan After Rumble? WWE Schedule Update, Bubba Ray On Return, New Show Preview

Fan Attacks Usos Car After Rumble

While fans usually hang out in the parking lot after WWE events to catch a glimpse of the wrestlers leaving, after the Royal Rumble at least one fan took this too far according to multiple reports.

This one particular fan was armed with a folding chair that you get with certain ticket packages, and when the Usos were attempting to pull out he attacked their vehicle, prompting one of them to get out and run him off.

It never got to fists, but onlookers say one of the Usos was ready to fight.

Most of the other interactions were said to be good natured, though there was some obvious negativity because of how the Rumble match turned out.

RAW Cancellation Update

The current plan now that RAW is cancelled is for the show to air live from WWE HQ in Stamford. They have a studio there to conduct network style panel discussions, so it may be that we get a mish mash of clips and discussions throughout the night.

WWE have also cancelled tomorrow’s SmackDown taping from Boston, Mass at the TD Garden, and the show will now air live on Thursday. Interestingly RAW ticket holders will be able to attend this event, but SmackDown ticket holders will either be able to get a refund or a new ticket for a future WWE event.

Brock Lesnar managed to fly home to Minnesota before the travel ban, while other stars are stuck at the site of RAW.

Bubba Ray’s Backstage Promo

Bubba Ray cut a lengthy backstage promo following the Royal Rumble which is now on Youtube. Despite saying that he’s now “home,” there’s still no word on his he’s actually sticking around.

WWE 24 Trailer

Here is the trailer to WWE’s new Network series “WWE 24” which takes fans behind the scenes for a 24 hour period of a specific event. The first episode looks at last year’s Wrestlemania, and the trailer shows a split second where Vince McMahon is yelling for the ambulance after Undertaker’s match with Brock Lesnar.

As noted at the time Taker suffered a really bad concussion and Vince went with him to the hospital. More of this will be shown on the show.

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