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Undertaker With White Goatee, Mark Henry Talks Retirement, Vince Talks WWE Movies

Recent Photo of The Undertaker

A recent photo of the Undertaker has surfaced online showing him with a white goatee.

Undertaker white beard WWE

Mark Henry Retiring In 2 Years?

Mark Henry told that his WWE contract expires in about 2 years and he plans to retire for real this time. He said:

“When I do retire, you won’t see me in the ring, but I will be working in the back with the young guys.”

Vince Vows To Stay In Movie Business

Though WWE Studios has been a financial hit and miss, Vince McMahon reassured investors this week that they’ve found the perfect model and WWE will continue to stay in the movie business.

Vince McMahon told Variety:

“We’re a content company. We understand storylines. It’s another opportunity for our stars to appear (in other content). Going forward, we believe it will be a considerable contributor to the bottom line.”

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