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Undertaker Update, Bryan Struggles With 2 Belts, Paige On Title Win, New Heyman Guy, Warrior Hugs Vince

The Undertaker Out of Hospital

The Undertaker was released from hospital yesterday after spending the night with a concussion, which occurred early in his match with Brock Lesnar. Fans caught him leaving his hotel:

The concussion was most likely the reason why the match never really ramped up. In re-watching, it appears Lesnar had to carry the Deadman though it – he was out on his feet at times.

Daniel Bryan On Lugging Two Title Belts

Daniel Bryan told that it was tough raising the two title belts after Wrestlemania:

It was incredibly heavy. Here I am with two titles, they’re both probably 25 pounds each. I’m just as happy as can be but I just wrestled two matches and I was exhausted. I was trying to do this (yes chant) and I was like, ‘oh my gosh I’m so tired.’

It seems WWE still haven’t decided whether to use only one belt. It may be that they’re holding off until the Network logo becomes standard, before remaking the big W belt.

Speaking of Bryan, he revealed in his Wrestlemania Diary series that his fury kickpads were in honor of the late Bruiser Brody. This may have been in response to the Hall of fame induction of Carlos Colon, who many feel helped cover up Brody’s death. The only other person to mention Brody over Wrestlemania was Ultimate Warrior in his speech.

Bryan and Brie Bella will be getting married in 3 days.

Paige Comments On Huge Divas Title Win

For those that missed RAW Paige was brought up to the main roster and won the Divas title. She came out to congratulate AJ, but got slapped and coaxed in to a match, which she won. Paige wrote on Twitter:

The British star received massive props from various wrestlers, including Mick Foley and Sean Waltman:

JR On Cesaro Joining Heyman

Jim Ross discussed Cesaro becoming a Paul Heyman guy in his RAW thoughts:

Great night for Antonio Cesaro as he’s taking his wrestling persona to a new and more upscale address. I do feel it will be challenging for fans to boo Cesaro on a regular basis as his work, consistency and the Cesaro Swing certainly seems to make him prime, fan favorite material even if he is a Heyman Guy.

Speaking of Paul Heyman, Paul had a magnificent night on RAW delivering a home run on the Lesnar beating Taker promo. Heyman is the best talker in the business and continues to do amazing work and has to be considered as one of the greatest managers of all time on a short list that includes Bobby Heenan and Jim Cornette. Before all is said and done, Paul may be the best, pure manager to ever fulfill that role in the history of the business.

Heyman’s duo of Cesaro and Lesnar, who I’m sure some fans have already started fantasy booking to face each other down the road, may be destined for strong, fan favorite roles if the Monday night audience has any thing to say about it.

Photo of Ultimate Warrior Hugging Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon Tweeted a pohoto of Ultimate Warrior hugging Vince after the Hall of Fame:

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    I’m very happy that Paige got the main roster push, only diva since Lita in my opinion, who is interesting in any way :)

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