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Undertaker No Sells Ice Bucket, Bourne talks Bizarre Referee Rule, NXT Takeover 2

The Undertaker and Michelle Get Ice Bucketed

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool both accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, but like a true deadman Taker felt nothing:

WWE Refs Got Bonus For DQs

In his recent Kayfabe Commentaries Youshoot interview Evan Bourne discussed a bizarre WWE policy that rewarded referees with a bonus if they managed to legit DQ a wrestler.

WWE have toyed with these types of ideas in the past to keep wrestlers on the ball. At one point referees were instructed to count to three even if the finish wasn’t booked that way, so wrestlers would be more convincing with their kick outs.

Referees weren’t always with wrestlers. On the house shows they would do the ring crew so they would travel completely separately. There was certainly… they’d try to pit us against each other. They did stuff like, if you’re doing something totally illegal, like if you have a 5 count in the corner and you’re punching the guy, the ref counts to 5 and he disqualifies you. He got a bonus for that DQ because he followed the rules and we didn’t. I’m dead serious, that was a thing. They would bonus the ref for applying the rule set.

Triple H Announces NXT Takeover 2

Triple H announced on this week’s episode of NXT on the WWE Network, that there will be a Takeover 2 special event, airing live on September 11th.

He put over the show in a big way, saying it had become “THE brand” of the WWE Network.

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