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Undertaker and Hulk At RAW, Network Subscriber Targets, Fandango Talks Concussions

On The Cards For Tonight’s RAW

Both the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are booked for tonight’s episode of RAW from the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee. are hyping the following 5 points:

– What will the Undertaker have to say to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman?

– Can “the architect” of The Shield Seth Rollins be taken at his word? Or has the glue finally come undone?

– Will the Outlaw’s cash in their rematch revenge against the Usos?

– Hulk Hogan has big news.

– Can Daniel Bryan finally entice Triple H to accept his Wrestlemania challenge?

How Many Network Subscribers WWE Need

WWE have issued some financial targets to investors on their corporate website. Here are their projections for the WWE Network:

1 Million Subscribers – $115,000,000 – Break-even
2 Million Subscribers – $225,000,000 – $50,000,000
3 Million Subscribers – $350,000,000 – $150,000,000

They also revealed figures for the international launch. WWE need a combined 250,000 Subscribers from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Nordic countries – to break even.

WWE’s key milestones over this year are as follows:

– Renegotiate US TV rights
– Renegotiate India TV rights renewals
– Launch WWE Network internationally
– Monetize digital and social media presence
– Launch WWE Network domestically (accomplished)
– Improve film portfolio performance (accomplished)
– Renegotiate UK TV rights (accomplished)

Speaking of TV deals WWE are back on free TV in Germany:

MUNICH, Mar 10, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — WWE and TELE 5 today announced a multi-year deal to bring WWE’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw, back to free television in Germany. Starting April 10th, WWE fans will be able to see the two-hour version of Monday Night Raw every Thursday at 10.15pm on TELE 5.

“Monday Night RAW is a phenomenal television event that fascinates people all over the world”, says Kai Blasberg, CEO of TELE 5. “Now TELE 5 is bringing this highlight of the entertainment industry back to the German public TV audience.”

“WWE is thrilled to partner with Tele 5 to bring our family-friendly brand of entertainment to free TV making it more accessible to our German fans,” said Stefan Kastenmueller, General Manager, WWE Germany. “Our local team will be supporting this launch with multi-platform activities to bring the very best of all of our lines of business to the German market including Live Events, PPV, Consumer Products and Digital Services.”

Fandango Discusses WWE Taking Concussions Seriously

In a recent interview with the the BBC Fandango discussed WWE’s stringent concussion policy:

A lot more research is going into them [concussions] now, where they’re impact testing. Ten years ago people didn’t know a lot about concussions. Chris [Nowinski]’s organisation is really diving in to that and really figuring out the impacts of these concussions and what they’re doing to these athletes and performers.

Knowledge is power and the more power you have, you’re going to live a better life. With Chris spearheading a big campaign into research on concussions, it’s really beneficial, not only to professional wrestlers but hockey players, NFL, rugby [and] football. The more we know about concussion and the more we can do to prevent coming back too early from a concussion, it’s vital for the future of our performers and athletes.

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