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Undertaker Hospitalized, Stars React To Streak Ending, Billy Gunn Injured, WWE Catches Match Leaker?

The Undertaker Leaves Wrestlemania In Ambulance

Multiple sources are reporting that the Undertaker left Wrestlemania in an ambulance and was legitimately injured during his streak ending loss to Brock Lesnar. This raises the possibility that the match ended earlier than planned and they missed some spots.

No word on what the specific injury is, but if it was really serious I’d assume we’d know about it. There were a number of rough looking bumps, such as the Hell’s Gate in to a Powerbomb, and multiple F5s – which could have led to a concussion.

The streak ending will of course be a point of discussion for many years. Obviously with Undertaker’s high-standing in the company this was nobody else’s decision but his own. Taker is a big UFC fan and supporter of Lesnar, and may have thought believability was more important for business that the spectacle. The irony of the “reality era” label comes to mind.

Whether that was the right decision is debatable. Why not give it to Roman Reigns, or another young guy, instead of a part timer? That being said if Undertaker was hurting and knows he can no longer perform anymore, maybe he simply chose to go out like a pro – on his back. You could argue that there are no young guys quite ready to to fill that slot, and if he had to go now, then he had to go now.

The true impact of the the streak ending will rest on how Brock Lesnar is used going forward. WWE can get a lot of mileage out of a legit monster who ended the streak.

Twitter obviously erupted with shock from fans and those in the business. Here is a selection of Tweets:

JR also gave some brief thoughts on

Stunningly, The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania came to an end. Brock Lesnar delivered not one, not two . . . but three F-5s to The Dead Man. The final finishing move polished off Taker and his 21-match WM winning streak.

Shocking and deflating would be understatements as the crowd of WM XXX, which was announced at 75,167 and almost $11M in ticket revenue, went funereal.

The crowd went from “No!” to “Yes!!!!” two matches later when Daniel Bryan, who had earlier defeated Triple H, overcame about every form of adversity known to WWE mankind and made Batista tap out to win the WWE championship.”

On Facebook Mick Foley looked at the streak ending in a positive light:

Look, I know the Undertaker’s streak ending to Brock Lesnar was a downer. But that’s looking at the glass half-empty. Think of the glass half full. Think of the Paul Heyman promos!

Roll on RAW!!!

Billy Gunn Coughing Up Blood?

It’s not clear if this is a work or not, but are reporting that Billy Gunn was coughing up blood following the Powerbomb from The Shield last night:

“At the very end of the match, Billy sustained a powerbomb maneuver,” said Dr. Amann. “After that maneuver, he started to develop hemoptysis, which is the medical term for coughing up blood.”

We brought him back and evaluated him immediately, checked his oxygen, his blood pressure … everything was stable. We got some X-rays of his chest, which did not show any evidence of a collapsed lung, so our diagnosis right now is that he most likely ruptured a small blood vessel that caused bleeding to the airways and, subsequently, coughing up blood.

Reddit Match Leaker Gets It Wrong

In what may be a sign that WWE either plugged up the leak, kept match endings secret, somebody grew a conscience, or the whole thing was a work to make Wrestlemania more special – Dolphins1925 on Reddit got his predictions wrong last night, after correctly leaking the results of PPVs for several months.

The user predicted that Triple H would beat Bryan, that Alexander Rusev would win the Battle Royal, Undertaker would continue the streak, and Orton would retain the title.

He said his source was not responding to his questions.

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