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Undertaker Health Update, Foley Praises Barrett and Ziggler, Evolution Return Leaked

Concern Over The Undertaker’s Health

There is still obviously concern over Undertaker’s concussion at Wrestlemania. In a Tweet that has since been deleted and may not have meant to be public, NXT trainer Bill DeMott told Michelle McCool that he and his wife were praying for her.

McCool noted on Instagram:
“My baby girl & I say “our love” is the toughest man we know!”

Bill DeMott later clarified on Twitter:

The Undertaker was taken to hospital immediately after his streak ending match with Brock Lesnar, and diagnosed with a bad concussion. Vince McMahon missed the Wrestlemania main event to be beside his locker room leader.

Mick Foley Tweets About RAW Match

Mick Foley praised last night’s RAW match between Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett on Twitter:

Ziggler lost to Barrett in the IC contender’s tournament.

Evolution Inadvertently Flashed On Tron

The return of Evolution was inadvertently revealed to the live RAW audience last night when The Shield’s 11 opponents were being introduced.

An Evolution graphic flashed up on the Titan Tron when Bad News Barrett made his entrance.

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  • Dave

    why is this dumb chris benoit video on every post? lol

    • Keelan Balderson

      Because it’s a series I made and wish to promote on my website.

  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    Didn’t release that taker got hurt so bad :/ Hope he gets well soon.

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