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Two TNA Releases? Jesse Sorensen Shoots On Dixie, James Storm Dedicated To TNA

Jay Bradley and Wes Brisco Released

It looks like Gut Check participant Jay Bradley and former Aces and Eights member Wes Brisco have departed TNA after contract expirations. Both of their profiles have been removed from the TNA website.

Jesse Sorensen Shoots On His TNA Release

jesse sorensen

After being diplomatic for months Jesse Sorensen has finally opened up about his release from TNA and it isn’t pretty. In a shoot interview with Highspots he confirms that Dixie Carter said he’d have a job for life after his neck injury, and even assured his mother that he’d be taken care of. He recalls a bizarre incident in the hospital when Dixie was talking to his mother where she referred to him as “OUR son”.

He concluded that after his release and fans blew up on social media, Dixie asked Jesse if they could release a statement together saying the split was mutual, but he declined.

James Storm On Staying Loyal To TNA

In a recent Q&A with the Dothan Eagle James Storm discussed his loyalty to TNA, though he seems to contradict Jesse’s experience:

“The people. Jeff Jarrett was here a long time, and also (TNA President) Dixie Carter. She’s a great boss, very family oriented, and she listens to the wrestlers. We can go to her and talk if we have a problem, which is very cool. TNA was very loyal to me when I had the opportunity to do other things … Dixie Carter always looks after her wrestlers and does what’s best for the company. It’s not just wrestlers’ job, it’s hers too.”

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