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Troops Taping Spoils TLC? WWE Asks Fans Who Should Be Main Eventing

Cena Beltless For Tribute To The Troops

According to live reports from Wednesday’s Tribute To The Troops taping, John Cena did not carry either the WWE or World Heavyweight title belts to the ring. The event from Fort Lewis does not air on TV until December 28th, which is after the TLC PPV, sparking rumors that Cena may be losing or that neither man will come out with the championships.

It is however also possible that Cena wins and they removed the belts from the taping for the opposite reason – so they don’t spoil his victory.

It looks like we’ll still have to watch the PPV to get the answer.

WWE Survey Asks Who Should Be Main Eventing

Dolph Ziggler Main Event

If you’re one of those people that dislike the “face of the WWE” storyline because it educates fans that champions are chosen, rather than based on their accomplishments, then WWE’s latest survey is probably going to annoy you further. The company literally asks fans who they want to see in the main event picture next year. Names to choose from are as follows:

Randy Orton
Big Show
John Cena
Daniel Bryan
CM Punk
Bray Wyatt
Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose
Damien Sandow
Dolph Ziggler
Alberto Del Rio

Other than Fandango it’s likely that all of these stars will have at least a cup of coffee in the main event in 2014. Right now the star of the Shield is clearly Roman Reigns, but that could easily change if he can’t get it done in the big singles matches. Sandow showed he could hang with Cena and would fit right in, and Wyatt is already one of the top heels in the company – at least storyline-wise.

Unless they expand his character in some way, to me Fandango is always going to be a midcard act. The name itself has painted him in to a corner; they may have to start called him Johnny “Fandango” Curtis, and slowly drop it altogether if he’s going to be taken seriously.

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