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Trish Would Wrestle Again, WWE Wanted Finn Balor For Years, Mathews Shoots On WWE, Rousey Speaks

Besties vs Bellas?

The idea that Besties Trish Stratus and Lita could face the Bellas at Wrestlemania has been floating around for a while now. Lita has previously said she’d be up for it, now Trish has discussed the idea with the Miami Herald:

I think the idea is interesting. ‘Team Bestie’ is up for anything. If the fans want it, who knows? When Amy and I were working against each other, we were having fantastic matches because we knew each other’s motions and body movements. I think as a team we could utilize that same chemistry, but channel it in a different way.

WWE Wanted Finn Balor In 2009

NXT star Finn Balor was a recent guest on Talk Is Jericho and revealed that WWE have been wanting to sign him since 2009:

Believe it or not, I was contacted in 2009 about the possibility of coming here (to the WWE),” said Balor. “I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything at the time in New Japan. I was riding a bit of a wave at the time and decided to stick it out for a while. It was a good decision. The next year I signed a two-year contract that kept me there a little while.

A second time they reached out he chose to stay with NJPW to work heel:

I was on the verge of toying with the idea of coming to WWE again when (NJPW) pitched the idea of me going heel. So then I was like ‘I want to stay here and do the heel thing,’ and that was another year and a half.

Josh Mathews Calls WWE Hypocritical

It’s often said that Vince McMahon is unaware of TNA or downplays their influence, but with Samoa Joe signing with NXT, TNA announcer Josh Mathews has called WWE hypocrites:

Rousey Loves WWE

Comedian David Spade recently told TMZ that Ronda Rousey doing WWE was a step backwards. TMZ caught up with the champ herself and she said Spade just doesn’t get it.

I think you have to be a fan of the sport to understand how awesome it is and it’s too bad he’s not a fan.

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