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Triple H On Rollins Leaks, Hideo Itami Struggling? Rikishi Talks Hall of Fame, Punk Comic Cover

Triple H Addresses Seth Rollins Incident

Triple H briefly touched on the Seth Rollins incident during his NXT conference call today. He said it was an “unfortunate personal incident and that’s really all it is.”

Word is that there won’t be any backstage repercussions for Rollins as he was essentially a victim in terms of the pics being posted.

Triple H also confirmed that NXT will eventually begin regular touring, and Alex Riley is indeed getting back in the ring.

Hunter also said that it’s taking a bit of time for Hideo Itami to settle in and get used to the WWE style.

Usos Inducting Rikishi

As many people guessed, The Usos will be inducting their father Rikishi in to the Hall of Fame. They confirmed it during a Backstage Fallout video:

CM Punk Marvel Cover

Although CM Punk’s comic writing debut will not actually involve wrestling, Marvel still decided to have a wrestling themed cover:

Punk’s contribution is a “tale of a brash, boisterous young Thor and his attempt to beat the devil at his own game – by drinking him under the table!”

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