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Triple H Refuses To Take Move, NWO Shoot On Jericho, Cena Gives Reigns Advice

What Move Triple H Refuses To Perform

In a recent interview with Tim Ferris Triple H revealed that the one move he refuses to take is a shoulder in to the ring post:

I have things I don’t do well in the ring. For example, they go through the top and middle turnbuckle and hit the post from the inside. It’s one of those mental blocks for me. I can’t seem to navigate going between the two turnbuckles, I always get stuck somehow, so I never do it. People grab me in the ring and say ‘take the post,’ and I say no.

Still Heat Between Jericho and NWO

Scott Hall and Sean Waltman revealed to Sports Illustrated that there’s still heat between the NWO guys and Chris Jericho, stemming from their WCW days:

Hall says:

Jericho’s just a whining p–s. If you have any talent, you can’t be held back and you can’t be held down. Jericho just whines and whines. He’s gone on to be tremendously successful, and he’s still got a hard on for us. I don’t get it, but nobody makes headlines for saying, ‘Those guys are great guys. You talk about what d—-ks we are, and then some guy sits down and interviews you.

Waltman says:

Jericho realized, once he got to WWE, ‘Holy s—, I don’t know what the f—ck I’m doing here. That’s why Vince made him come to me and run his matches by me, even he was working with Boss Man or something. You think you know, until you finally know.

Cena Says Reigns Should Be Himself

John Cena told TalkSport that Roman Reigns should just be himself, when asked about the negative crowd reaction:

The advice I have for Roman is just be yourself because at this point if you try to change who you are to cater to the audience, especially the audience that is chanting, they will eat you alive.

Over the 13 years I’ve been here in WWE, I get more obscure chants than anyone else. But the fans know I love this, they know I show up all the time for all the events, they know I put my life on the line, they know I pour my heart out and although they chant I think there is – or I’d like to hope there is, anyway – that underlying respect there.

He will be fine as long as he remains true to who he is. If Roman tries to change who he is or tries to redefine himself that authenticity will be gone so he just needs to stay the course and keep doing well.

Speaking of Cena despite having a fever he still managed to hit the gym hard on Wednesday:

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