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Triple H Nixed Darewolf Gimmick? Paige Wants Stephanie, Bryan’s Fall From Grace

Justin Gabriel’s Long Lost Gimmick

Former WWE star Justin Gabriel told Chris Jericho that before he left the company he had the idea of a gimmick where his nickname would be the “Darewolf.”

He says Vince liked it and they filmed promos of him doing all sorts of extreme sports, but Triple H nixed the idea before it could air.

Gabriel also says he went to NXT on his own volition to get better and prove himself, but the company simply never gave him any chances.

Paige’s Dream Match

In an interview with Talk Sport Paige said one of her dream matches would be against Stephanie McMahon:

I would definitely want to do some kind of extreme match, because girls don’t get to do it. I would love to have a match with Stephanie McMahon. And any kind of extreme rules match, even if it just falls count anywhere.

She also named 90s Japanese star Bull Nakano:

Bull Nakano is another one of my favourite wrestlers of all time, she’s incredible. Alundra Blayze, too – and I always thought Michelle McCool was an incredible talent, too. And Mickie James… I have a lot of people I’d like to wrestle! But if we had to do it now, I would say I would want to go up against Emma, in an extreme rules match at Madison Square Garden in New York. We were there recently and it is such an incredible venue.”

Daniel Bryan On His Career Peaking

Daniel Bryan discussed being on top of Wrestlemania and then succumbing to injury in an interview with Fox Sports:

Within the span of two weeks, I had a professional high. Then I had a high point of my personal life, getting married, and then the day after we came back from our honeymoon my Dad dies. That happened on a Monday. Then that Wednesday Connor dies. All of a sudden this is a personal low point in my life. A month later they tell me I need surgery, so now I am ?t a professional low point.

The hard part about the professional low point and personal low point coming at the same time is that wrestling is always how I’ve dealt with personal issues. People think what we do is entertainment but this is how I express myself. To not be able to do that while going through this personal loss is very difficult.

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