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Why Triple H Didn’t Sign The Wolves, MVP Does MMA, AJ Styles Wins Indy Championship

Davey Richards Reveals Why Triple H Didn’t Sign Him

In a recent interview with Davey Richards revealed why he and Eddie Edwards weren’t signed after their NXT tryout. He was told by WWE talent development director Canyon Cemen, that Triple H thought their “work was good enough to be on TV, but he already had a lot of Daveys and Eddies.”

“That place is so weird, man. It gave me the creeps,” Richards said. “Everyone’s just walking around on eggshells. It’s just a bubble.”

Davey said he personally wanted to go to TNA anyway:

Personally, I wanted to go to TNA anyway. I was trying to convince Eddie the entire time. After [WWE] told us they were not going ahead with the rest of the tryout, we had a deal signed with [TNA] within 20 minutes.

MVP Had MMA As A Backup Plan

MVP told the Roman Show that he had MMA as a backup plan if pro wrestling didn’t work out:

There was a point when I was wrestling as Antonio Banks in South Florida and if things weren’t panning out and I thought if this wrestling thing doesn’t pan out I’ve always been a fan of martial arts I was intrigued. I said if things didn’t work it in wrestling I would have trained to fight.

MVP is currently working towards his black belt in jiu-jitsu:

My professor is Andre Santos from Brazil. I train in Gracie Barra. It has become my new mistress. I compete I do North American Grappling tournament (NAGA) and I love it. I love the technical match-up.

Watch AJ Styles Win Maritime Heavyweight Championship

Here is footage of AJ Styles winning the Maritime Heavyweight Championship, in a match against JP Simms on March 6th.

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