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Triple H and Bruno On TV, Arn Mentoring Ziggler? Mark Henry’s Santa Outfit, Orton Prefers Heel

Bruno Sammartino and Triple H On MSG Show have revealed that WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino and Triple H are featured in the second episode of “The Garden Transformed: Year Three”, which documents the renovation of Madison Square Garden. Here is a photo Tweeted by Bruno:

The show airs at 10:30pm on the MSG Network this Saturday.

Arn Anderson Giving Ziggler Pointers

Dolph Ziggler recently told the Washington Times that Arn Anderson is one of the vets that has taken a liking to him and offers advice:

“He’s taken a liking to me because of my work ethic. I’m the guy who doesn’t necessarily win all the time, always out there giving a great match, [and] making someone else look better. He crushed for so many years like that, so I feel like he relates to me sometimes. He pulls me aside and gives me a lot of pointers. [WWE Hall of Famer] Pat Paterson is another one. Guys who are so good and so smart with the business, loving the business, and [when] they see someone else loving it, they try to pass on their wisdom.”

Mark Henry’s Santa Outfit Saves Day

Mick Foley told a story on Twitter about how Mark Henry’s Santa outfit from RAW saved the day for a real life Santa impersonator:

“Sure, I would have like to be on #RAWChristmas – but it’s not my show, and not my call. So, I’m going to look at the glass of milk half-full and share a nice behind the scenes story. A couple months ago, I heard from a longtime Santa -a large man who had fallen on tough times, and had been unable to play the Santa role he loved, because he no longer owned a suit for his large frame. Following the Santa match on RAW, Mark Henry gave me his Santa suit, and I had it in a box bound for Kentucky the next day. The Kentucky Santa sent me a photo a couple days later – the suit fit perfectly :) And to all a good night.”

Orton Says Being Good Guy Was No Fun

In the latest edition of WWE Magazine the Champ Randy Orton said being a good guy is no fun:

“Being a bad guy is just more fun. Otherwise you worry too much about what the fans think of you. It’s a worry I don’t like to have. I’d rather be myself and explore different ways I can make people feel uneasy even just by walking by and glaring at them.”

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