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Triple H / Austin Viewership, WWE High On Masked Wrestler, Zayn Repping Arabs

More People Watched Triple H Than Vince McMahon?

Although we can’t be certain because the interview is Kayfabe, Triple H told Michael Cole that his podcast with Steve Austin drew 40 percent more viewers than the Vince McMahon episode.

The Laredo Kid Gets Tryout

WWE officials were said to be impressed by the tryout of masked wrestler The Laredo Kid. The 30 year old Mexican Luchadore says he’s been called back for another tryout in April.

It’s no secret that WWE are still trying to find somebody to replace Rey Mysterio to sell merch and draw the Hispanic audiences. That’s why the rumor that they might want to repackage Kalisto makes little sense.

Sami Zayn On Representing Arabs

Sami Zayn who is of Syrian descent discussed representing Arabs in WWE, during an interview with Time Out Dubai:

In NXT, the Performance Center, there are some people with some Arab roots, and also WWE is going overseas to look for this. I don’t feel pressure to represent, but I do feel a great sense of pride, because there really hasn’t been this kind of representation for the Arab people before. And, let’s be honest, Arabs aren’t always depicted in the most accurate way. If I can help contribute to a different perspective of how Arabs are viewed then that’s great. I’m not like Captain Arabia or anything like that, I’m just a guy with red hair who happens to be Arabic. I’m in a position to change people’s perspective, even if it’s a few, then that’s bigger than wrestling to me.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    Kalisto is amazing… dude executed a jumping canadian destroyer on the last NXT I watched. A JUMPING canadian destroyer. also,, I get the feeling we are headed to another Vince vs the kids creative feud, much like the mcmahon-helmsley era in the near future.

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