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Tommy Dreamer Works TNA, JR’s Lockdown Thoughts, Rampage and King Mo TNA Update

Tommy Dreamer Works As TNA Agent

ECW Original Tommy Dreamer revealed on Twitter that he worked backstage at TNA Lockdown as an agent:

Dreamer has a good relationship with TNA but isn’t under contract.

JR Not A Fan of All Cage Match Concept

Jim Ross said he enjoyed TNA Lockdown but isn’t a fan of the all cage match concept:

Thought TNA Lockdown was a better than many TNA PPV’s I’ve watched and was an average presentation in my eyes. I am not a fan of every match being a cage match. I’m not indicting anyone but making every match a cage match puts immense, creative pressure on the talent and there is too much “sameness.”

James Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, and Gail Kim are ‘players’ without question while others in TNA have the opportunity to be as well if they force themselves to continue to change/evolve and not to be comfortable in their current presentations.

Gail Kim is arguably the best female wrestler in the business.

As I have said, I hope ALL wrestling organizations are successful because the more talent that’s earning a good living in the biz the better for all involved.

I do think that the ‘evil administration’ story line served its purpose long ago within TNA. I find it hard to ‘dislike’ the Dixie Carter TV persona.

Bellator CEO Discusses TNA Relationship

In a recent interview with Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney discussed the TNA status of King Mo and Rampage Jackson:

Dixie [Carter] and I talk pretty regularly. We are going to really rev up the wrestling training. We have coaches and trainers traveling to Southern California to help him get through the process of becoming a well-rounded professional wrestler. The essence of what wrestling is, that it’s a real skill and you have to learn the craft. We hope he adapt to it quickly and after the May fight, Rampage will be doing full blown matches.

I mean I think about it but the reality is this: Guys like Rampage and Mo, they are world class athletes. If they aren’t doing TNA Impact they are training MMA. They aren’t going to be sitting on the lazy boy watching COPS, they will always be active. The power of the Impact TV show is amazing. Both want to do it and it’s a risk you have to assume and take. These are athletes that takes risks and at times they will get injured.

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