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TNA Want Maria? Armando Estrada Shoots On TNA, Good Impact Rating

Maria Says TNA Called Her

Maria ROH TNAFormer WWE Diva Maria told Josh Modaberi of Wrestling101 that TNA have been in touch, but she’s enjoying her run with ROH.

“TNA called me twice this year, I think they’re a great company but I’m loving my time in ROH and I’m definitely happy with my fiancée. Who knows if that will ever change, but I wish TNA all the best in the world, I think the girls there are tremendous.

WWE called me earlier this year and for whatever reason that fell through, would I go back there eventually, sure.

I loved my time there I loved travelling the world and the people that I worked with. I’m sure Mike will be in the WWE very soon and it will be great to join him there.”

Former WWE Star Says TNA Is Illogical

Former WWE superstar Armando Estrada gave a critique of this week’s Impact Wrestling and said Feast or Fired was an illogical concept:

“Why would a wrestler want to participate in a match where u have a 25% chance of being fired? Doesnt make sense. The risk is too high,” Umaga’s former manager wrote on Twitter.

“Especially if a top guy grabs a briefcase. If u were a former world champ and u grabbed a tag title briefcase, is that really fulfilling?”

“If you want to make it more believable, add two briefcases ( TV title and a 2nd tag title). Now you reduce the odds of someone getting fired”

“And why are there enhancement guys in the same match with your stars? That would be like WWE putting Cena, Punk in the MITB with 3MB or JTG.”

“Does not make sense on so many levels. And I would like nothing more than there to be a viable #2 promotion. Please re-evalute your product”

TNA Draw Solid Impact Rating

This week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV drew an average audience of 1.318 million viewers, which is the best number in months.

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