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TNA Sign Masked Female? Rampage Shoots On TNA, Vince Russo Update

TNA Sign Jessicka Havok?

TNA have been running a teaser video for a debuting star with a five letter name. The video focusses on the “H” and at several points “Havok” flashes on the screen.

It could well be that they’ve signed female independent star Jessicka Havok, who has worn a similar mask to the figure in the video before.

The 28 year old has worked for CZW and Shine in the past.

Rampage Jackson Shoots On TNA

MMA star and wrestling fan Rampage Jackson who made some brief appearances in TNA as a cross promoted deal with Bellator, pretty much shot on the company when asked about the Spike TV situation in an interview with The Fight Nerd. He said he wanted to do more with Kurt Angle, but they wanted him to wrestle other fighters in the ring which he refused.

There’s a reason you haven’t seen me on TNA in awhile. I went over there and saw how they were running things, I was like ‘fuck this.’ These guys don’t have no clue what they’re doing. I was disappointed because I really like pro wrestling. There were a lot of creative things they could have done with me. A lot of stuff could have been so much fun. I don’t know what their thought process is over there or what they were thinking about. I left and said ‘you know what, I ain’t coming back.’ I just kept it quiet though, I didn’t say nothing bad in the press. I’m still not gonna say anything bad in the press — except what I just said right now.

Through TNA Rampage has become close with Chavo, who has been training him. He says they want to tag at some point.

On the flip side Tito Ortiz told Cage Side Seats that he’ll be back with TNA soon:

I’m actually returning August or September. I’ll be coming back to TNA and doing some stuff. It’s in the works with Dixie. She reached out to me and I’m a big wrestling fan. I’ve been a wrestling fan since Junkyard Dog! We have some ideas.

I think Spike TV needs pro wrestling on there. I know they have a big fan base. Maybe it’s all just negotiations, back-and-forth with money. It’s a business and I understand that, so we’ll see what happens.

What Was Russo’s TNA Role?

Though we can’t really take him on his word any more – since he lied about his employment in the first place – Vince Russo who was recently fired from TNA said his secret role was just as a consultant.

Every Thursday night following IMPACT, I would send both Dixie Carter and John Gaburick my review/critique of the show.

We can assume Taz and Tenay were involved as well since that was one of the emails that exposed him, when he mistook Mike Johnson of PWInsider for Tenay.

Taz himself has had enough of Russo on Twitter, writing: “I unfollowed Russo earlier, hes annoying & all about HIS BRAND. #GoAway”

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