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TNA Scraps House Shows? AJ Styles Talks Working For Dixie, Impact Audience Rises

TNA Halts House Show Schedule

It’s believe that going forward TNA will not be running house shows (live events outside of TV/PPV). Presumably this is a cost cutting measure since they often draw so low that they’re losing money doing them

Following Bound For Glory, there are no more house shows scheduled until the UK tour in January 2015.

AJ Styles Discusses TNA Run

In a recent interview with SLAM! Wrestling AJ Styles discussed working for Dixie Carter:

Ultimately, Dixie’s the head honcho there. If you’re the head honcho of any business, you’ve got to take responsibility for the good things and the bad things. You’ve got to hire the right people. If you’re not smart enough to make this decision, or make the right decision, then you hire someone who’s smarter than you to make that decision for you.

You know, sometimes there’s a lot of truth in what was said in the ring with Dixie and I,” Styles said. “She said TNA made AJ Styles. I would say that we made each other, to be honest with you. They gave me a platform so that I could get my name out there and I did some great things there. But at the same time, I think that I helped TNA, along with a lot of the other guys who busted their tails there. To look back, I did a lot there. I was there for 11 years. That’s a long time to be at any job. I’m grateful for that.

Impact Audience Rebounding

TNA Impact’s audience is rebounding after changing timeslots to Wednesday. This week they drew an average audience of 1,095,000 viewers, up from last week’s 928,000 number.

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