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TNA Replaced By Cops, Grado On British Boot Camp, JR’s Russo Interview Causes Heat?

Cops Gets TNA’s Old Timeslot

Spike TV have replaced the Thursday Impact timeslot with a marathon of cops re-runs. As previously noted one of the reasons the network has become less interested in TNA programming is because despite drawing pretty good ratings, other shows command higher advertising rates. In other words even with less people watching Spike TV can make more money. That’s how much men in suits dislike wrestling.

Grado Takes Part In TNA Reality Show

Scottish comedy wrestler Grado, who has developed quite the cult following, is one of the names featured on season 2 of TNA’s British Boot Camp reality show. All the UK footgae has already been filmed, and the rest will be taking place in the US. Grado told local press:

I’ll be on the tour with heroes I grew up watching and idolising. They’ve all got big muscles and long blond hair like Disney models. Then there’s me in my leotard with my beer belly and double chin. I don’t know if they’ll get me. But loads of Yanks have seen the documentary and have been in touch to say they loved it … but that they’ve no idea what I’m saying.

JR Addresses Heat Rumors

Jim Ross posted the following on his blog after recently recording an interview with Vince Russo:

“Been reading a little about Vince Russo coming on my podcast upsetting Impact honchos which, if true, is lame. Russo never knocked Impact on my podcast nor did we ever really address the brand in any detail. If it was that big a deal to Impact officials all they had to do was call me and I assure you that they have my number and I would have worked with them. The Russo podcast on the Ross Report will air on Sept 9 and you can be the judge.

“Pro wrestling has long been wrought with paranoia and trust issues with talent and within management which goes back to 1974 for me, in particular. Most wrestlers, athletes, entertainers, etc are insecure by nature and even more so today with fewer places that they can go and earn a decent living. Add to that the abnormally short ‘shelf life’ for one in that field of endeavor and uncertainties become blown out of proportion unnecessarily.

“That’s another of many reasons why I have zero interest in getting back into the pro wrestling business full time even though I still love it today and will always be a fan. I can’t turn off my passion for the genre that I’ve embraced since I was an 8 or 10 year old kid but re-entering that world is something that I never consider. I love my life in a non political, non sycophant world.”

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