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TNA OVW Relationship Over, MVP Continues To Deny TNA Deal, Zema On Science Channel

OVW No Longer TNA’s Developmental Territory

The relationship between TNA and OVW, which was branded as a “developmental territory” is now over and OVW have removed TNA’s logos from their website. Other than sending a few wrestlers there who didn’t have a spot on Impact, there was very little actual development going on and no real vision for what was supposed to be accomplished by the partnership.

MVP Still Denies He’s Going To TNA

Some websites are continuing to assert that MVP is going to TNA, but he still denies it on Twitter:

“I suppose the internet speculation & rumors can be fun if you dig that, but I haven’t lied to you guys yet. I’m not signed anywhere. If I do sign with WWE, TNA, ROH or whoever, I’ll confirm it HERE!”

I guess technically that doesn’t mean he hasn’t spoken to them.

Zema Ion On The Oddities Show

TNA wrestler Zema Ion appeared on a recent episode of The Science Channel’s Oddities show, where he bought a human tongue in a jar to “intimidate his wrestling opponents”.

Recent TNA Videos

Here is the preview for tonight’s episode of Impact, and Dixie Carter discussing the storyline contract controversy surrounding The Wolves:

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