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TNA Losing Money At House Shows? Impact Rating Drops, EC3 Talks TNA Run

TNA Unable To Cover Arenas With Ticket Sales

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that TNA is often drawing so few fans to arenas, that they have to write checks to cover the cost of hiring the buildings.

Apparently the last time they ran an event at Temple University in Philadephia back in December, the company had to write the building a $15,000 check because the money they took in that night couldn’t even cover the costs.

Impact Audience Decreases

This week’s episode of TNA Impact on Spike TV, drew an average audience of 1,093,000 viewers, down a lot from the prior week’s 1,421,000 number.

How EC3 Got In To TNA

EC3 revealed in a recent interview with Busted Open on SiriusXM 92 and on the SiriusXM app, that Big John Gaburick was instrumental in bringing him to TNA:

Honestly I think more people over there watched my stuff on NXT originally and knew I had talent and ability. I had a chance to really shine out on the grand stage. So there’s a couple people who brought me over and I was just looking for the opportunity to prove myself, prove people wrong, take the ball and run with it. Big John Gaburick came over from WWE and brought me over. He put a lot of faith in me and hopefully I’m returning the favor and faith to him.

On Hogan and Sting leaving:

I’ve been ready for a very long time to either sink or swim with an opportunity and I’ve been given it here in TNA. Transition wise, I’ve said before it’s not so much of a transition because at the end of the day, there’s a red light with millions of people behind it that you are paid to entertain one way or another and something I’ve always loved and something I have the chance to do now, so I’m doing it. Transition regardless, we’re in a ring, there’s a camera on us, and there’s people in the stands… so let’s do it.

On Samoa Joe:

Samoa Joe is a guy I looked up to while I was an indie guy. He made a strong name for himself in Ring of Honor and then was in TNA and had an incredible undefeated streak going and was at the top of the mountain for a very long time, so that’s a guy we look up to and is a locker room leader who can fire you up because he’s a fiery guy.

Why he left WWE:

I have multiple opinions. I think injury at an inopportune time and the regime change. Like in any business, if you’re not somebody’s guy, then you’re not the guy. That’s fine because I was born to make somebody some money. I’m very happy in TNA. Once I hit the top of the main event, I will never be leaving TNA.

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