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Sorenson’s Mother Bankrupt: Are TNA Protecting Their Wrestlers?

jesse sorensenFired TNA wrestler’s mother goes bankrupt:
In a new twist to the Jesse Sorensen saga which puts TNA’s business practices further under the spotlight, it has emerged that Sorensen’s mother went bankrupt covering medical bills for her son’s neck injury, which took place in a TNA ring.

Sorensen was recently fired from the company due to budget cuts, despite being told they’d always look after him.

Sean Waltman has been particularly vocal about the matter and advised Jesse to get a lawyer.

TNA have been notorious with ignoring their wrestlers medical bills. Another Jesse – Jesse Neal, also injured his neck with the company and had to go on food stamps while wrestling for them, before being released. Former Knockout Daffney took them to court over a an “unsafe working environment” and they privately settled the matter.

By law TNA are not obliged to take care of their (independently contracted) wrestlers, but when they get injured in the ring even a token amount would be a nice gesture. Daffney’s lawsuit broke new ground, demonstrating that despite them being independent contractors, certain safety aspects of the job are beyond their control, such as the weapons and ring.

Unfortunately because she settled out of court there still isn’t a precedent for somebody like Jesse, who would have to reestablish the argument himself. In his case weaponry was not a factor and unlike Daffney he wasn’t pressured in to working after already sustaining injuries.

Is it time for Dixie Carter to step up and do what’s right?

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