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Tensai Replaces Bill DeMott, More Allegations Emerge, Talent React To His Departure

NXT commentator Tensai has at least temporarily replaced Bill DeMott as head trainer in developmental, now that he has stepped down from the company.

Former developmental wrestler Malik Omari gave DeMott some choice parting words on Twitter:

Screenwriter Max Landis who is close to a lot of wrestlers said he was getting a lot of happy messages:

The allegations still keep piling up however, with former Tough Enough contestant and current Lucha Underground star Ivelisse Vélez Tweeting:

Abuse towards the divas is thought to have extended beyond Bill DeMott to Matt Wichlinski, the Strength and Conditioning coach. He was caught red handed taking inappropriate photos of WWE Diva Paige, but is still employed.

He posted a supportive Tweet when DeMott stepped down.

In an extension to the claims of former developmental talent Kevin Mathews, who shared an image of two wrestlers naked in the ring, with the caption “nothing like forcing your MALE TALENT TO TRAIN BUTT NAKED WHILE YOU WATCH AND LAUGH!”

Indy star Hannibal says DeMott encouraged Luke Gallows (Festus) to get naked and deliver stink faces to both Zack Ryder and female wrestler Melissa Coates, while DeMott held jelly doughnuts over their faces!

Gallows just happened to be one of those that Tweeted support for DeMott. Perhaps he enjoyed sticking his bare ass in a woman’s face.

Interestingly Jane Geddes who worked as Vice President of Talent Relations and allegedly stuck up for the women was demoted to a less important role under Triple H. She only recently departed the company, which may or may not have something to do with the allegations.

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