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Taz Talks Growth From 6-Sided Ring, JR On TNA Booking, Jeff Jarrett Update

Taz Discusses TNA’s Growth and New Talent

TNA announcer Taz discussed the ways TNA have grown in a recent interview with the Miami Herald:

Even before I was there, TNA kind of carved its own niche, initially starting off with the six-sided ring where it was total nonstop action, and then it kind of morphed into a more traditional type pro wrestling ring. Some would say they were bad changes. Some would say they’re good changes. I’m privy to what happens behind the scenes a lot, and I know that was done for a good reason. That’s just an example.

There’s always a good motivation. There’s always a positive step. There are reasons why they went with six sides to four sides. Who knows. Maybe one day it’s back to six sides, the original TNA look. I also think that bringing in different talent from all over the world including people who leave WWE or people coming from Japan or the UK and different wrestlers — guys and gals — it’s a big deal. That gives it more of an international flavor than other companies.

I also believe the homegrown talent, the pioneers of TNA, the original guys, for example Cowboys James Storm, Samoa Joe, Jeremy Borash as an announce talent, Mike Tenay as the voice of TNA, Abyss, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Bad Influence [Christopher Daniels and Kazarian], keeps the foundation strong, where other guys like myself, who came in from WWE, add to the company.

A guy like Jeff Jarrett, who’s no longer part of TNA, built that foundation for wrestlers. That’s a big deal in our industry. I’m forever grateful to a guy like that for doing something like that.

Building New Talent:

I also feel a big part of the TNA success currently is the building of newer talent. Guys like Samuel Shaw, who’s such a unique talent, he’s a creep; he’s a weirdo; but he’s very dangerous, calculated and cold, or someone like an EC3, Ethan Carter III, who in storyline is the nephew of TNA President Dixie Carter, is this insensitive, entitlement, rich kid, who’s got a butt load of talent and muscle mass and got a mean streak, another character within the company. MVP coming in as the investor, a guy with so much credibility from working in Japan and WWE. The Wolves [Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards], who doesn’t like the tag team of The Wolves? Coming out of Ring of Honor and wrestling all over the world, they bring credibility.

JR Thinks Kurt Angle Should Be In Main Event?

Jim Ross suggested Kurt Angle is in the wrong position on TNA’s card in his latest blog:

TNA has a PPV this Sunday emanating from South Florida called Lockdown. It troubles me that Kurt Angle is once again being saddled up and ridden into a mid card match at this stage of his game. Just an observation and not attacking TNA Impact who I hope continues to develop their own identity and they play to their strengths which is bell to bell physicality and aggressive storytelling.

As previously noted Angle’s contract expires in the fall and he’s dropped several hints about wanting to go back to WWE. Whether he’d pass their physical is another matter.

Speaking of Lockdown, Before The Bell is online:

Jeff Jarrett Promotion Update

Though everything is being kept quiet, Jeff Jarrett is believed to have met with several international promotions about partnering up on his new project. He mentioned in the original hype video that he’s scouting talent from all over the world.

It’s speculated that he might not be starting a promotion in the traditional sense, but rather several partnerships that will bring multiple promotions together for a national US audience.

It’s not clear if this will have anything to do with Mexican promotion AAA coming to America.

For what it’s worth Jarrett was the main person behind the hugely successful Ring Ka King TNA spin off.

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