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Tara Calls Dixie Carter A C**t, Wanted To Punch Her

There doesn’t seem to be any love lost between former TNA Knockout Tara (Lisa Marie Varon) and Dixie Carter. In her recent interview with Jim Ross, she said that at one point she wanted to punch Dixie in the face!

The heat stems from when TNA were running a show in Chicago, where Tara is a minor celebrity and runs her own restaurant. She told management that she would help out with the local promotion, pushing it to her customers, doing a lot of leg work, and spending $6,000 of her own money. TNA agreed to a cross promotional deal.

Tara said that Dixie barely acknowledged all of the effort she put in, and when she was given a stack of posters to hand out she wasn’t even featured.

Later on she found out that management had sent out a company wide email that they were to promote another local restaurant, not Tara’s.

She said she snapped and let out her frustrations to Bruce Prichard. “The day I quit my job, I am going to punch that c*** in the face.”

Prichard allegedly responded, “You’ll be doing all of us a favor.”

While it’s unlikely that Dixie was playing deliberate games with Tara, it does show how mismanaged the company was at the time, if true.

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