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Sunny Upset With Fans, NXT Star With Main Roster, Rock N Roll Express Documentary

Sunny Upset With Fans Who Say She Lied About Cancer

Due to her past lying and manipulation of internet fans, many followers of Sunny have claimed she lied about having cervical cancer. The original WWE Diva responded to this in a recent Tweet:

“Really tired of the accusations that I faked cancer and surgery… It took two surgeries to get it all out, ya assholes!”

Alexander Rusev Wrestles Zack Ryder On House Show

As previously reported WWE are high on NXT wrestler Alexander Rusev and are looking to bring him up to the main roster. He’s currently doing the house show loop and defeated Zack Ryder last night in Fayetteville, NC.

Word is that officials like Rusev’s wide powerlifter physique because it differentiates him from most of the roster.

Rock N Roll Express Get Kickstarter Treatment

The latest wrestling project on Kickstarter is looking to produce a documentary on the legendary Rock-N-Roll Express tag team. You can make donations here.

This project is being produced to enshrine one of the greatest wrestling tag teams of all time forever. The Rock-N-Roll Express has entertained us and put their bodies on the line for over 30 years and are continuing to perform on a regular basis. We plan to travel the country interviewing not only the RNR Express but also all of the people who played key roles in their career. EllBow Productions is trying with the help of you to preserve wrestling’s history, without your help our efforts take longer and may never get accomplished. We hope that if you’re a fan of wrestling and want your memories that you had as a child to live on forever we ask you to support this kickstarter project.

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