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Sunny Surgery Update, Funny Big E Video, JR On HBK Returning

Sunny Has Cancer Surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch had her second surgical procedure for cancer earlier this week. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer while in jail and had a hysterectomy to keep it at bay, but unfortunately the cancer recently returned.

Sytch has a page raising funds to pay her medical bills.

Langston, Kaitlyn and Summer Rae Video

Big E. Langston posted a funny video on Instagram of he Kaitlyn messing with Summer Rae.

Jim Ross Q&A Update

Jim Ross has updated his Q&A – here are some highlights …

* matt313933 Asks: JR, IF HBK ever did return for the infamous “one more match” who do you feel should be his opponent? And on that BIG IF, do you think Undertaker would feel disrespected if HBK did return?

I don’t think HBK is returning to the ring as a wrestler. If he did it would be at WrestleMania and I’d like to see him wrestle Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. Taker wouldn’t be offended whatsoever.

* Jackson1256 Asks: How much scouting or watching of WCW was done during your time in WWE? Was their storylines or superstars discussed in meetings?

Casually perhaps but we spent the majority of our time thinking of how we could make our brand better. No one obsessed over WCW creative, etc I can assure you.

* Tae23 Asks: Do you the authority storyline is abit repetitive since wwe went through that back in 2000 with the mcmahon helmsley era?

What’s old can be perceived as new to many especially when new wrinkles are added to the equation. I’m willing to let the storyline play out before I damn it.

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  • Arindam S. Roy

    Hope Sunny recovers from this… We normally hear stories about people starting from scratch and becoming very rich and successful. But Sunny’s is a very tragic story where she was the heartthrob of so many people back in the day, and where life has brought her now. I hope it doesn’t happen, but dying from cancer would be the worst thing that could happen to her… I wish I could contribute something.

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