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Sting’s Contract Torn Up On IMPACT, Jarrett Promotion Update, Styles Talks Leaving TNA

January 23, 2014, TNA IMPACT Results

– The mystery investor is looking to make a hostile takeover of TNA.

– Sting confronts Magnus and calls him a paper champion. He gets jumped, but Samoa Joe makes the save.

– Gunner def. James Storm to retain the Feast or Fired World Championship Briefcase, after it fell from Storm’s grasp and Gunner grabbed it first. They shook hands after the match.

– Austin Aries def. Chris Sabin to win the X-Division Championship, after Velvet Sky gave Sabin a teddy bear instead of a weapon.

– The Wolves inform Dixie that the mystery TNA investor will be revealed next week in Glasgow, Scotland.

– Steel Cage Match: Kurt Angle def. Bobby Roode, when he climbed out of the cage.

– Eric Young confronts the Bro Mans and Zema Ion, and brings Abyss with him!

– Samoa Joe def. Rockstar Spud, by choking him out.

– World Heavyweight Champion Magnus def. Sting. After the match, he tore up the Stinger’s contract.

Trevor Murdoch Wants To Work With Jeff Jarrett

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Trevor Murdoch recently told the Undisputed Wrestling Show that he wants to work for Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion, which is in the planning stages:

“I’m sure you boys have heard the rumor mill about Jeff Jarrett possibly starting a new promotion, I’m hoping to be a part of that. When I’ve got more information, so will you guys.”

AJ Styles On Leaving TNA and Returning To The Independents

AJ Styles discussed departing TNA and returning the independents, in an interview with

The greatest thing about the independents is there’s a lot of passion in that locker room, there’s a lot of passion a lot of times with that promoter. They just have these expectations and these dreams that are so high that it’s just a positive thing when you’re there and it’s fun to be a part of that.

At first it was a little awkward, it was a little weird, it was scary. But you know, seeing that the indy’s are not dead, in fact they are very much alive. I’ve wrestled for Ring Of Honor which I don’t call them… claim them as an independent but other then that I’ve wrestled two other shows that were independents but drew big crowds, and I think that’s awesome. When your in front of big crowds you’re able to get that extra boost of energy that you may not of had and your going to put on great matches, probably matches people didn’t expect to see from that guy they considered the star.

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