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Sting vs Triple H Is Happening, Orton Advertised For Rumble, Tough Enough, Ex-Diva Pregnant

Sting vs Triple H Is Clearly Happening

There’s no need for wrestling fans to mark Wrestlemania twice on their calenders, but all signs point to Sting making his historic WWE in ring debut at the mega event! And unless something drastic happens in the meantime, it’s almost certain that this will be against Triple H, NOT The Undertaker.

The seed was planted at Survivor Series when the WCW icon interfered, levelled Triple with a Scorpion Death Drop, and allowed the good guys to take home the victory. Following the PPV all was quiet, almost too quiet, until Monday’s RAW when “The Vigilante” once again showed up out of nowhere, this time allowing John Cena to get Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan’s jobs back, by rolling up a distracted Seth Rollins.

WWE’s Youtube channel now has unseen camera angles from the RAW appearance, showing Sting smirk as The Authority look on in anger:

In this week’s interview with Michael Cole, Triple H couldn’t help but bad mouth Sting. He warned him that if he stuck his nose where it didn’t belong again, there would be consequences.

YES like a match at Wrestlemania!

He mocked him for his face paint and suggested he’s only doing this to ride off the Triple H name and stay relevant.

While it’s possible that Seth Rollins could be slotted in to the Wrestlemania spot against Sting (does anybody expect him to win the Triple Threat at Rumble?) The way the storyline has been built so far I’ll eat my hat if we don’t see Triple H vs Sting at Wrestlemania!

On a fun trivia note, who else noticed Sting was wearing his TNA gloves during RAW? You can still buy them on TNA Shop!

Randy Orton Advertised For Royal Rumble

In what may have spoiled his surprise return during the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton is being advertised for the PPV locally. Would it have made more sense for it to come “outta nowhere?”

No NXT For Tough Enough?

When Tough Enough was first considered for the WWE Network the idea was for it to feature talent from the Performance Center, striving for a main NXT spot, however now the show is returning to the USA Network the old formula of having anybody apply will be used.

It’s not yet known who the hosts/trainers will be.

Candice Michelle Pregnant

Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle announced her third pregnancy on Twitter.

“Yes we’re very excited to announce were expecting our 3rd princess in July!”

Sadly, these days are long gone …

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