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Sting and Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Matches Set? CM Punk Update, Bully Ray To WWE?

The Undertaker Facing Bray Wyatt At Wrestlemania?

According to the Wrestling Observer The Undertaker is indeed being factored in to Wrestlemania 31 for one more match, but it won’t be against Sting. The current plan is for Undertaker to take on Bray Wyatt! However the ball is in his court regarding whether he feels healthy enough.

As noted earlier in the week Undertaker is featured heavily in the new Wrestlemania promotional material.

As for Sting one would assume they’re building to a Triple H match.

UFC Fighter Claims To Be Punk’s Opponent

UFC fighter Cathal Pendred has claimed on Twitter that he will be CM Punk’s first opponent in UFC. He wrote “This punk is going to be ‘one & done’ in the UFC. It looks like I will be that one. #JustWonTheLottery.”

Nothing is official however and CM Punk was on Fox Sports Live yesterday and had no idea who he would be facing yet. Furthermore Pendred is 15-2, so Punk would be seriously mismatched.

Meanwhile Bellator star Tito Ortiz gave some quick thoughts about CM Punk jumping to MMA to TMZ:

It’s believed that Bellator have been in contact with Alberto Del Rio who did a bit of MMA prior to WWE as Dos Caras Jr. They are also said to have wanted to sign Punk and will make a play for Lesnar when his WWE deal expires.

Bully Ray Teases WWE Return

In a recent interview with Journey of a Frontman Bully Ray discussed the possibility of returning to WWE:

I am so happy with my career and what I have accomplished that if my career ended tomorrow, I could walk off into the sunset with a huge smile on my face. However, because of the success of the Bully Ray character, I’m hearing a lot of people clamoring for me to go back to the WWE to try to see if Bully Ray could do something over there. Personally, I think I could. I think it’d be a lot of fun. If I were to go back to WWE either as Bully Ray by myself or to finish out my career with D-Von as Team 3D, I think both things could work. I think the fans, first and foremost, want to see it. They have been very active on Twitter and social media saying “We want Bully Ray in WWE” or “We want Team 3D back in WWE”. Like I said, if it’s right, maybe it’ll happen. But if it didn’t, I still go out with a huge smile on my face. I tweeted last week that “I’m the 1 who can defeat the 1 who put the 1 in 21-1.” I’m confident in my ability in the ring and I’m confident in my ability on the mic. So from a physical standpoint, Bully versus Brock would be very interesting. And a verbal battle on the microphone, could you imagine Bully Ray and Paul Heyman?

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