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Sting Pops RAW Rating, Another Styles Clash Neck Injury, Reigns Values Time Off, WWE Snub Foley?

Sting Pops Rating Without Appearing

Thanks to the fallout from Survivor Series – most likely the anticipation for Sting – this week’s episode of RAW saw a big viewership Spike. The show drew 4,249,000 viewers, way up from the previous week’s 3,772,000 number.

It’s also the biggest number since June.

Yoshi Tatsu Breaks Neck

Former WWE star Yoshi Tatsu suffered a broken neck after taking a botched Styles Clash from AJ Styles on November 8th. This is the third major neck injury as a result of the Styles Clash this year. While many have argued that the people taking the move are failing to put their head in the right position, perhaps it’s now on AJ to make sure all of his opponents know how to take the move safely.

Speaking of Styles, Jim Ross put him over in his latest blog:

AJ Styles would fit into any structure, it’s just a matter of decision makers having an open mind and be willing to utilize him to his skills, and not stereotype him because he isn’t the biggest guy in the locker room. He’s as good a performer as anybody WWE has right now from bell to bell. He’s an amazing athlete, and he’s perfected his craft, he’s a lifelong fan, he doesn’t drink or have a drug problem, he’s a good family man, he’s everything you would want.

Roman Reigns Talks Injury

In a recent interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal Roman Reigns discussed how his injury has given him some much valued time off:

Based on the fact that we don’t have an offseason, it’s great for me personally and mentally to be able to collect myself, kind of gather the troops, re-game plan and just attack this thing another way. I don’t see it as I’m chasing that big pop. I’m not chasing one big pop. I’m chasing a collection of humongous, out-of-this world, never-been-heard-before pops. I just don’t want one of them, I want to hear them every single night and every single time I go in. So that’s the game plan for me. It would be nice to hear that energy be created again on the very first night that I come back but it’s gonna take a lot more than just one night. It’s gonna take day in and day out of just hard work, just completely dedicating myself to the product and just hoping for the best.

WWE Fails To Film Foley Show

Despite all of the hype WWE failed to film Mick Foley’s “one man show” in Brooklyn this past Sunday. Foley told the crowd it was a misunderstanding and offered free signed photos to those who were disappointed.

Speaking of Foley he wrote a new Facebook blog explaining why he SHOULDN’T be the new RAW GM, after saying he would be open to the position last week:

With the huge win by Team Cena over the #Authority at last night’s #SurvivorSeries, we can certainly expect a seismic shift in the balance of power in #WWE – perhaps as early as tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. But while my appearance on Raw a few weeks ago emboldened me, and made me think there might be something I could contribute with a more regular on-air role, I believe WWE has some very good reasons to go with a different candidate.

Here are three perfectly acceptable reasons to look elsewhere when searching for a new GM.

1) Head injuries – While I will forever be grateful to WWE for removing me from an environment where I am likely to suffer from further concussions, my short-term memory is still a problem. A GM has to have a grasp on not only what they need to say – but on what everyone else in the segment might be saying too. Although things are going better for me, I’m not sure I’m there yet.

2) Limpin’ aint easy – I have considerable trouble walking…and it’s not always easy to watch. For a show that is supposed to take viewers minds off their own problems, watching me hobble slowly to the ring could be a downer…and a reminder of the price to be paid when doing what we do.

3) A fashion nightmare – Most people reading will probably feel a sense of nostalgia when recalling my struggles with fashion over the years. But for a publicly traded company, having a face of the company who makes good clothes look bad is a legitimate concern. Even while watching Survivor Series 1997 last night on #WWENetwork, my children marveled at just how bad I looked – even while wrestling in a tuxedo! My commissioner days of 2000, where I could wear anything I wanted are long over. I’m down almost 25 pounds since my back injury – due to a combination of #DDPYoga and wiser eating. Believe it or not, I’m actually 20 pounds lighter than I was during my time as WWE Commissioner in 2000. But I’m a long way from looking ready to assume any type of larger role with WWE.

No, I don’t think I will be the new man in charge. But I wish whoever does end up in charge the very best of luck. Besides, I really liked how it felt to come back as a surprise and make an impact…and look forward to doing it again!

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