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Is Sting Nervous? Punk Tweets Itami, New Wrestlemania Set Photo, Heyman’s Career Highlight

Vince Russo Says Sting’s Nervous

Vince Russo told Ringside With Blake that he thinks Sting will be very nervous right now:

I guarantee you he is nervous as all hell. In my days at TNA, I worked closer with Sting than I did anyone else and even at that point in his career he cared about every single detail.

CM Punk Tweets Hideo Itami

Following the buzz surrounding Hideo Itami using the GTS, CM Punk sent him a Tweet:

Itami (the former Kenta) actually invented the GTS in Japan.

New Photo of Wrestlemania Set

Why Tonight is Special For Heyman

Paul Heyman explained to the Miami Herald why tonight’s Wrestlemania is particularly special to him:

This is the first time I’ve ever been in the corner for a WrestleMania main event. This is a career highlight for me. To share that with my best friend and an athlete I have so much admiration for in Brock Lesnar makes it even more special.

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