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Sting Makes Major Announcement? Vickie Leaving After Wrestlemania, JR’s HOF Thoughts

Sting’s Favorite Number Is 31

In what appears to be a major announcement, a short video from WrestleCon shows Sting revealing that his favorite number is 31.

This could mean the rumors are true and he’s signed a deal that will see him with WWE for the entire year, closing out with a match at next year’s Wrestlemania. Orrrr it’s totally out of context.

Vickie Guerrero Leaving WWE Soon?

Rumor has it that Vickie Guerrero will be leaving WWE after Wrestlemania to pursue other endeavours. She has been studying medical administration in her spare time and is on the way to getting a degree.

Jim Ross Hall of Fame Thoughts

Jim Ross who was front row at the Hall of Fame shared his thoughts on

Want to thank WWE for the invite and for the great seats to the HOF. Long event for the over hydrated. Lots of memorable soundbytes paired w/ raw emotions throughout the show. Anxious to see how it played on TV.

The speeches were certainly unique as they should be and my only critique, and Lord knows most fans love critiques, is that some could have gone shorter. I wish some fans who seemingly have an obsession to verbally interject themselves would re-think that mindset.

I’m optimistic that WM30 will exceed what some perceive to have been a unique or less that aggressive top to bottom build for the event. Amazing behind the scene preparation has been ongoing and if ever one was going to maximize their minutes, no matter one’s role, is paramount at WrestleMania.

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    I have never seen anything special in sting, but it would still be nice to see him in wwe too :)

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