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Sting DVD Cover, Ricardo Shoots On Triple H, RAW Rating Up, HBK Talks WWE 2K15

The Best of Sting DVD Cover have shared the cover for WWE’s upcoming DVD and Blu-ray set “The Best of Sting,” out next month.

Ricardo Rodriquez Shoots On Triple H

Upon hearing that WWE signed Kevin Steen the recently released Ricardo Rodriquez took the opportunity to call out Triple H, who he says once mocked his weight. “Congrats.. I hope he at least looked at you while shaking hands at one point and didn’t call you fat as f–k. #OhMemories.”

It’s believed Ricardo’s weight was always a point of concern for WWE, and at one point he failed a Wellness test after the fat burners he was using to slim down contained a banned substance.

Hulk Draws For RAW

It would appear the hyping of Hulk Hogan’s birthday segment at the end of RAW helped boost this week’s average viewership to 4,300,000.

In a rare occurrence viewership also went up each hour instead of dropping like usual.

Shawn Michaels On Inclusion In WWE 2K15

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently discussed his inclusion in the upcoming 2K15 video game in a press call. Michaels vs Triple H is one of two “Showcase Mode” rivalries featured in the game. The other will be CM Punk vs John Cena.

To be four years removed and have the opportunity to be a major part of WWE 2K15 as one of the 2K Showcase rivalries with Triple H is very exciting for me. It was an amazing return. My return from a four-year absence in 2002 and to have all that chronicled now in a videogame is nothing short of pretty cool for a guy that hasn’t been doing it for a while. I’m excited about that.

It’s no secret he (Triple H) and I are extremely close. We’ve gone full circle. That’s something I think this rivalry is going to show. We came back after the four year absence and were going to get DX back together. It was something everybody wanted the feel-good moment. Then of course he turned on me like the rabid dog he is. The amazing thing to me and thing I always enjoy about that rivalry is it was two years. That is a hard to do. There is so much that happened in that two years, and these people are going to get to play through every aspect of it’s going to be amazing what folks are going to be able to do in this game.

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