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Sting Debuts On WWE Network, New WWE Belt Update, RAW Script Leaked, RAW Audience, Heyman On Austin’s Show

Sting Shares Warrior Memories On WWE Network

Sting who is reportedly in the process of signing a contract, appeared on the WWE Network’s Ultimate Warrior “Greatest Matches” special last night.

Sting shared a story about how Warrior once put tuna fish and orange juice in a blender, to get his protein and vitamin c in one go!

Speaking of Sting, some fans are reporting that signs were being removed from RAW, which could be WWE’s attempt to make his official debut a surprise.

Stephanie McMahon Confirms New WWE Logo

In a further sign that WWE are holding off making one unified title belt, Stephanie McMahon confirmed during the 2014 WWE Business Partner Summit that the company’s logo will indeed transition to the Network logo. They will likely remake the newer “W” belt with this logo and use that as the unified belt.

Stephanie said the transition will be completed by August. Some merchandise and the WWE corporate jet already sport the new logo.

Another WWE RAW Script Leaked

WWE seems to have a real problem keeping their scripts under wraps these days. A draft of last week’s RAW has now made it online, and judging by the footprints somebody just picked it up off the floor backstage:

This Week’s RAW Audience

This week’s episode of WWE RAW on the USA Network, drew an average audience of 4,770,000 viewers. While this is down from the post-Wrestlemania 5,146,000 number, it’s expected that things would settle back down.

The show did hours of:
4,811,000 …. 4,831,000 …. 4,669,000

Paul Heyman On The Steve Austin Show

Paul Heyman was the latest wrestling guest on the Steve Austin Show. Check it out below:

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